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More Top Ten Supernatural Quotes

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. – Dean

Sam Winchester: Jerk.

Dean Winchester: Bitch.

I think I’m adorable – Dean (I also love ‘I’m Batman’ – Dean)

I’ll Interrogate the cat – Castiel

I deserve to be loved – Crowley

Family don’t end with blood, boy! – Bobby

No one in the history of torture’s been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with. – Crowley

You stupid, stupid son of a bitch! Well, boo hoo! I am so sorry your feelings are hurt, princess! Are you under the impression that family’s supposed to make you feel good, make you an apple pie, maybe? They’re supposed to make you miserable! That’s why they’re family! – Bobby

Once a wise man told me. ‘Family don’t end in blood.’ But it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you. Not what you can do for them. Family is there for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back. Even when it hurts. That’s family. – Dean

[Holding up her hand in the Vulcan salute] Peace out, bitches. – Charlie

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Top Ten Tips for Packing

I am off on holiday for the whole of this week with my family which means I have to packing and repacking constantly throughout all of last week and I’ve been rewriting so many lists of what I need to buy, what clothes I need to bring and any extra things I need to bring with me.

The first top tip is to always bring a small extra bag such as a carrier bag or a canvas tote bag which can be folded away in your bag but can be used if (or in my case when) you may have bought extra things that won’t fit in your case. (and dirty laundry!!)

The second tip is to make sure that your chargers and important documents and things are either in a separate compartment or at the top of your case so that you are able to get to them first.

The third tip is to make sure that your toiletries are either in a sealed bag or in a nappy bag to make sure that if they leak that nothing is damaged or covered in shampoo.

The forth tip is to put a binder clip of your razor so that it doesn’t get your clothes or yourself when you’re reaching into your bag.

The fifth tip is to make sure that anything that you will need when travelling is in your carry on/ handbag as that saves a lot of time if on a train or travelling in a car etc.

The sixth tip is if you get motion sick to listen to music and focus on the horizon from the windscreen as this helps reduce the sound of motion and also seeing the motion. Another thing that helps is to focus on slow breathing breathe in while counting to eight and then Tdo the same for breathing out. It should help you if you do it before you start the journey first and will help you recover more quickly after the travelling is over.

The seventh tip is to put rolled up socks in your shoes to keep their shape and to save space in your suitcase. As well as this place the shoes foot-to-toe in the bottom of the suitcase.

The eight tip is to put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh and makes sure that your clean clothes don’t start to smell.

The ninth tip is to roll your clothes before packing them as this saves space in your case and minimises wrinkles.

The tenth tip is to keep cables in a glasses case. Keep jewellery in a pill container, this keeps them from moving and getting lost. (nothing worse than losing one earring!!).

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Top Five Supernatural Quotes

Sam, we do terrible things all the time to save each other. I mean, that’s what you do for family. Who am I to stop him? – Dean

I mean, guys like us, we’re not exactly the type of people they write about in history books, you know? But the people we saved, they’re our legacy, and they’ll remember us, and we’ll eventually fade away, too. That’s fine, because we left the world better than we found it. – Sam

No one is born good or bad. It’s all in the upbringing. – Dagon

The things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you.  – Castiel

Dad went on a hunting trip… and he hasn’t been home in a few days. – Dean

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Top Five Doctor Who Quotes

“ Being alive right now is all that counts” – Eleventh Doctor

“Books! The best weapons in the world!” – Tenth Doctor

“Let me tell you about scared. Your heart is beating so hard — I can feel it through your hands! There’s so much blood and oxygen pumping through your brain, it’s like rocket fuel. Right now, you could run faster and you could fight harder. You can jump higher than ever in your life. And you are so alert, it’s like you can slow down time. What’s wrong with scared? Scared is a super power! It’s your super power!” – The Twelfth Doctor

“When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.”
— Elton Pope, Season 2, Episode 10.

“In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important”
— The Eleventh Doctor


The life of an apprentice

So I have finally finished my apprenticeship and I can say that luckily I have been taken on after a year apprenticeship to be in a proper job.

I can’t believe I made it to a year because honestly there were times when I didn’t want to continue working anywhere in general.

Where I did my years apprenticeship I was really nervous, where I started I was the only female engineer and it was intimidating at first.  However, the first thing I learnt about being the only female engineer was that no one cares. No cares if you’re female you’re just another engineer that can fix things, another pair of hands, another team member and it felt nice. As well as this everyone was happy to help if I needed it. Instead of being scared to ask for help I was encouraged and reminded that it was ok because I’m an apprentice and I’m not expected to know everything. It was also nice that everyone has each others backs and will back you up if you haven’t done anything wrong and always make sure that you cover yourself before you send out anything.

I struggled a lot with my mental health and as a result of that I found it hard working constantly at my apprenticeship, doing all the college work required and also having another job on the weekends. I ended up overwhelming myself and stopped eating and my mental health took a nose dive. I had my friends there for me and I reached out to them and felt much better for it. I found a great work to life ratio and this made me so much happier working.

An apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity. You get to experience working for real and you also get to learn about how to do the job you want to do. You get a qualification, experience and you also get paid. The wage isn’t great for an apprentice however you are learning and getting training and things for free instead of paying for university. I would recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone going into work that is heavily practical such as; Plumber, Electrician, IT technician, Engineering, Mechanic, and many other jobs.

I would suggest getting as much training as you can while you are an apprentice as if you don’t get taken on after your apprenticeship then you at least have lots of experience and valuable training.

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How to: make good quality milkshakes

The first thing you need to make a good quality milkshakes is to add 1 pint of ice cream, then to add 2/3 cups of whole milk but slowly so that the milkshake isn’t too thin. Then add ingredients that you want the milkshake to taste like such as; Nutella, Strawberries, Brownies, or banana.

Once all your ingredients are prepared and ready, place the ingredients into a blender and then blend them together. Then pour and serve the milkshake, you can use a cold glass from the freezer to keep the milkshake cool. You can make the milkshake fancier by adding whipped cream and dding toppings such as; chocolate shavings or any sauces that would compliment the milkshakes flavour.