Mental Health

I just need some help….

I recently started my Apprenticeship and this is my forth week at work. I work 8:30 – 5. I have a headache or feel sick every day. I have no energy to do anything sometimes when I get home all I can do is curl up into a ball on the sofa for hours until I have to force myself to get up so I can go to sleep. I need help I know but where? how? there’s never enough funding that fits me in, my case is never as bad as other people’s. All I need is some help someone to talk to. Some counselling but instead I get my mum telling she has it worse. I have my granny telling me that people didn’t have this in her day and it’s all in my head and it must be because she doesn’t have it. Every year during summer something happens I isolate myself I become someone I’m not who just cries and stays in bed but this year I was really trying so hard to be healthy to be social to help around the house. I’m tired all the time physically and mentally sometimes I can’t even move myself from the floor I collapse on. I need help but I don’t think I’ll get it.