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Top Five Favourite Musicals

Hamilton – I love Hamilton. I first stumbled upon it because it became popular on Tumblr. There were sooo many gifs and fanart of Hamilton and I was obsessed. Then I heard the music which is incredible, I was hooked on a musical I’ve never seen.  I loved everything I had heard about Hamilton, I love Lin Manuel Miranda’s music as well. It sure perfect and special.

Legally Blonde – I love Legally Blonde it was the first musical I went to see and it will always have a special place in my heart. My friend from school was obsessed with this musical and made me watch the films and also watch the musical on Youtube. I went to see a local show of Legally Blonde and it was the best thing I’d ever done. I went to the show with a friend who has been in theatre before and we had so much fun and I enjoyed the show so much. It shows that you can be a woman who’s girly and loves pink and still be a badass no matter what other people think of you.

Little Shop of Horrors – I love Little Shop of Horrors. It was something a very close friend of mine and I used to watch when we were 12 and it was a much happier time for us both then. It reminds me of happier times in my life. As well as this it is a very funny musical with brilliant actors in it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – I love this musical because it sort of introduced me to musicals as a whole. It also showed me that musicals can be so much more than how they are portrayed in films and seen as very girly. It went against what I thought was the norm and I loved every second of it. Plus who doesn’t love Tim Curry and Richard O’Brien.

Hairspray – I love Hairspray because it’s anti racism and brilliant. The lead is plus sized and female which I find so refreshing. It really spoke to me when I was younger because it taught me about the 60s (roughly but it still did a little as there were real issues in it) and as well as that it shows the underdog and love can conquer hatred and bigotry.


One thought on “Top Five Favourite Musicals

  1. I love musicals. I cannot exactly think of a top five list for musicals. Technically, my top five is really six musicals.

    Other musicals that could be in my top five are Annie, Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, and Rent. So it is a bit difficult to narrow it down. But my top two will stay as it is.


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