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How to Pack Your House

When packing your house it’s important to start early no matter how organised or how little you think you have to pack.

When packing you should mark each box you pack to show what’s inside. Make sure you don’t pack half empty boxes or make your boxes too heavy. Be smart and practical how you pack your boxes.

Clear through all your stuff. Depending on how long you’ve lived there you’ve probably accumulated a bit of junk or things you had a which you don’t want or use anymore. If you go through your things as you pack then you can get rid of the things you don’t want. You can do this by donating them to a charity shop or selling things to get a little bit of money if what ever is unwanted is in good condition.

Packing a house is very stressful so hopefully these things will make it less stressful and an easier move all around.

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Top Ten Tips for Packing

I am off on holiday for the whole of this week with my family which means I have to packing and repacking constantly throughout all of last week and I’ve been rewriting so many lists of what I need to buy, what clothes I need to bring and any extra things I need to bring with me.

The first top tip is to always bring a small extra bag such as a carrier bag or a canvas tote bag which can be folded away in your bag but can be used if (or in my case when) you may have bought extra things that won’t fit in your case. (and dirty laundry!!)

The second tip is to make sure that your chargers and important documents and things are either in a separate compartment or at the top of your case so that you are able to get to them first.

The third tip is to make sure that your toiletries are either in a sealed bag or in a nappy bag to make sure that if they leak that nothing is damaged or covered in shampoo.

The forth tip is to put a binder clip of your razor so that it doesn’t get your clothes or yourself when you’re reaching into your bag.

The fifth tip is to make sure that anything that you will need when travelling is in your carry on/ handbag as that saves a lot of time if on a train or travelling in a car etc.

The sixth tip is if you get motion sick to listen to music and focus on the horizon from the windscreen as this helps reduce the sound of motion and also seeing the motion. Another thing that helps is to focus on slow breathing breathe in while counting to eight and then Tdo the same for breathing out. It should help you if you do it before you start the journey first and will help you recover more quickly after the travelling is over.

The seventh tip is to put rolled up socks in your shoes to keep their shape and to save space in your suitcase. As well as this place the shoes foot-to-toe in the bottom of the suitcase.

The eight tip is to put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh and makes sure that your clean clothes don’t start to smell.

The ninth tip is to roll your clothes before packing them as this saves space in your case and minimises wrinkles.

The tenth tip is to keep cables in a glasses case. Keep jewellery in a pill container, this keeps them from moving and getting lost. (nothing worse than losing one earring!!).