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Hello. If anyone was wondering where I was for last month and a bit I’ve been dealing with the death of my grandfather and moving house. I’ll be carrying on posting again and hopefully I will be more organised with my posts and they will become more regular again.

Thank you to everyone who continues to read my posts and follow my blog. I really appreciate it and hope that you enjoy more of the posts going forward.

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How to Pack Your House

When packing your house it’s important to start early no matter how organised or how little you think you have to pack.

When packing you should mark each box you pack to show what’s inside. Make sure you don’t pack half empty boxes or make your boxes too heavy. Be smart and practical how you pack your boxes.

Clear through all your stuff. Depending on how long you’ve lived there you’ve probably accumulated a bit of junk or things you had a which you don’t want or use anymore. If you go through your things as you pack then you can get rid of the things you don’t want. You can do this by donating them to a charity shop or selling things to get a little bit of money if what ever is unwanted is in good condition.

Packing a house is very stressful so hopefully these things will make it less stressful and an easier move all around.

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Cultural references of Harry Potter


In the Simpsons Movie, Homer dresses his Pig up as Harry Potter and then calls him Harry Plopper.

In “Bob next door” Side show Bob when attempting to kill Bart says ‘It will be the greatest murder since Snape killed Dumbledore”. Bart then says that he’s not got to that part yet even though the book had been out for four years at that point.

In “The Haw-hawed couple” Homer reads Lisa the Angelica Button book which is a parody of a Harry Potter book. There is also a parallel when the headmaster Greystash in the book dies which is similar to Harry Potter when Dumbledore dies.



In the episode “Prunella’s Special Edition” a book titled Henry Skreever and the cabbage of mayhem came out which all the other children were reading.

In another episode “Prunella Sees the Light” a movie titled Henry Skreever and the Brick of Wonders, also mentioned is the villain named Lord Moldywart.

In another episode “Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending,” Prunella and Marina both have a race against each other to see who can finish the last book first. This book is The Knights of the Bouillabaisse. The school in this book is called Pigblisters which is similar to Hogwarts, as well as this there is a dangerous tree called The Mangling Maple which is a parody of The Whomping Willow. As well as this the students fly flying carpets instead of broomsticks while playing Soupitch which is another parody of Quidditch.


Team Starkid which in 2009 were a group of Michigan students created a play know as ‘A Very Potter Musical’ later on they also created ‘A Very Potter Sequel’ and ‘A Very Potter Senior Year’. These musicals were a parody of the Harry Potter films and featured characters such as; Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, and a personal favourite Umbridge (Played by Joe Walker). These musical parody’s are available to view on YouTube.


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What is Brilliant?

Brilliant is a description of something that is bright or shinning (to sparkle). Also it can mean very clever when describing a person.

Although we use to brilliant to describe many things. I use brilliant to describe a friend that’s brought me food or who helped with something that I needed.  Someone who can fix something at work that I couldn’t work out the problem with.

Other people may use brilliant to describe a film, a play, a piece of music/song, or even their day. Brilliant is used by many as a good description for something whether that is a person, a thing, or a moment.

I think many people in my life are brilliant, I think many books, films, songs are brilliant. I also have many brilliant moments in my life which I will treasure with me forever.


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

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How to deal with Grief

My grandad died in December so I thought I’d tell you how I deal with my grief and how people can also deal with their grief and hopefully it helps someone.

The most important thing is let it all out. Express yourself however you need to, allow yourself to be sad, don’t try and numb the pain. You can cry, you can scream at the world but to be healthy you have to let it out. Don’t turn to alcohol, or any other substances.

Keep your routine the same, keep sleeping, stay healthy, eat regular meals. Don’t forget to eat or live while your grieving.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to get some help. Talk to your friends, family or even get counselling. Don’t hide away it won’t help. Talk to anyone you are not alone and it won’t help to shut yourself in and other people out. If you need to reach out, remember that you can.

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Supernatural Pop culture more references

Back to the Future

4.03  – In the Beginning

Dean to Castiel

“Angels got their hands on some DeLoreans? How did I get here?” A DeLorean is the car that is used by Doc and Marty to time travel in back to the future. Coincidentally this is also the episode where Dean goes back in time and meets a young version of his father.

5.13 – The Song Remains the Same

Dean to Castiel

“So, what, you’re like a DeLorean without enough plutonium?”

This was said to Castiel by Dean after Castiel tells both Dean and Sam that his powers aren’t full and will make time travel very difficult.

6.18 – Frontierland

Dean tells people his name is Clint Eastwood when he and Sam travel back to 1861.  When Marty McFly goes to the past in Back to the Future III he uses the same alias.

There are lots of other references to Back to the Future in Supernatural.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Lots of characters from Supernatural were in either Buffy or Angel. Such as; Rob Benedict, Felicia Day, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan for example.

1.17 – Hell House

“Okay, WWBD. What would Buffy do? Huh?” – Ed Zeddmore


Doctor Who

2.12 Nightshifter

There’s a magazine that Ronald Resnick with Cybermen on the front cover which are monsters from Doctor Who.

Mark Sheppard who played Crowley on Supernatural also played Canton on Doctor Who.

7.03 – The Girl Next Door

The girl next door is called Amy Pond. This is also the name of one of the Doctors Companions.


The Simpsons

11.15 Beyond the Mat

“You made me bleed my own blood.” – Lucifer

This is a quote from Nelson Muntz a character from the Simpsons.


Star Trek

4.03 – In the Beginning

“Know where I can get any reception?” Dean to his younger father.

“The U.S.S Enterprise?” Young John back to Dean.

This is in reference to Deans phone which to John looks like a Star Trek communicator as it is advance technology for that time.

7.20 – The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

When charlie says goodbye to Dean and Sam she makes the Vulcan salute.

8.11 – LARP and the Real Girl

When Charlie says goodbye to Dean and Sam again she makes the Vulcan salute.

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New Years Resolutions

  1. To take care of myself more, take time for breakfast, to paint my nails, to be able to take time to light a candle and read my book.
  2. Remember that self care is really important, don’t work yourself to the bone and forget to take time to look after yourself even if it’s to wash your hair and have a bubble bath.
  3. Remember that family is important and spend time with them while you can and anytime an opportunity arises.
  4. To swear less, it’s not needed and it puts people off. Especially when you move in with your granny, you won’t be able to swear there anyway.
  5. To spend time with friends but remember that it’s ok to say no too. Don’t focus on just making sure your friends are ok, remember that if you are sad or exhausted or ill that you are allowed to say no and meet up another day.