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My December Bucket List

  1. Meet up with other friends more not just the same people over and over again.
  2. Swear less as I don’t think it’s helping with anything.
  3. Recognise bad feelings and write them down before they get worse and acknowledge them instead of forgetting about it.
  4. Decorate my grandparents house with family and not let myself get upset by family members.
  5. Talk to people more let them know how your feeling.
  6. Care more about work and try not too get defeatist.
  7. Pack up the house ready for the move.
  8. If my grandad dies this month talk to people about it and not ignore your feeling.
  9. Keep on top of self-care and mental health.
  10. Make sure your friends are also keeping on top of their self-care and mental health.
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My November Bucket list

Have a calming journey to my training

Successfully spend two nights on my own without my cat who calms my panic attacks

Continuing with the Gym and sticking with it

Go out with the girls but try and spend less money

Continue to clear out the house ready to move

Bake or cook something and share with friends and family

Say one nice thing every day to make someone else’s day

Budget money better to save for mortgage

Meditate when things get hard

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My September Bucket List

Bake more often

Clear out my office fully, deep clean, organise all the documents properly.

Take a Me day or at least half a Me day every week

Take more time to read

Revise theory to the point you’re almost ready for the test. (Revise everyday!!).

Make time to go out with friends because they mean a lot to you and it helps you more than you know. (That includes Games nights!!).

Finally organise that Holiday with the girls!!

Try and actually work on your anxiety and mental health. Try to cope better with it.

Treasure your family more because they won’t live forever and you love them