Family Holidays

The week before last I went on holiday with my family to Canterbury and overall had a really great time.

The half of my family I went on holiday with are the nice side of my family, my mums dads side. The whole family is full of very different but equally lovely and kind people. I can not give them enough praise and compliments because they’re so great. They always help me feel at ease with everything, making sure if we go to eat somewhere that there’s something I like as well as other members of the family who have unique pallets. My auntie and cousin encouraged me to go on the dodgems with them and although it doesn’t seem like a big thing it was very big for me and they were really ok with me worrying in the line. I am so happy I went on the dodgem because it was something I wanted to do and I had a really great time on them.

I went on holiday a month before with the other side of my mums family to Poole and it was very different. Everyone was arguing constantly and I didn’t feel like I wanted to be there, everything was my fault, the way I sat on the sofa, the way I woke up, anything I did wasn’t good enough. We had a great time at places like Brownsea island and Corfe Castle. I did go on a Ferry for the first time there and my mum was really great at settling me down and calming me and I was so happy I went on the ferry and didn’t miss out as a result of my anxiety which really upsets me when my anxiety stop me from doing something. My grandmother decided on the Friday that we were leaving that day before 10, I woke up at 7 got up and she was packing the food and said we need to pack as we were going soon. This made me really panicky as we weren’t sure when we were leaving as we had the caravan until the Monday, and she just decided by herself on the day without any warning and she does this all the time and gets angry if you don’t like it.

I’m trying to plan a holiday with my two friends for relaxation and to get away from family and work. Unfortunately no one is planning the holiday and I keep looking for places but I’m unsure of our budget each as I only just started my permanent job contract, one of my friends is on an apprentice wage and the other doesn’t have a permanent job currently and is doing up furniture as a new business which is waiting to take off. We want to go to the Isle of Wight, I’ve never been before but they’ve been lots of times with their families.

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August Bucket List

So I just found my bucket list from August last year so I thought I would right a new one for August this year.

Finish Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Go see Canterbury Cathedral

Read every week

Look after mental health better

Think of something positive every day

Exercise more (including walking)