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How to deal with the death of a fictional character

We’ve all been there our favourite character in our favourite TV show has died. We’ve grown to love them, to relate to them, to feel as though they would be someone we would get on with in real life and then they die or they’re killed.

These characters are people we can identify with, they have flaws like us or strengths that make them who they are. And that is why their deaths can hit us quite hard.

Now I’ve explained why these deaths are so hard for us to deal with, now I will give you some suggestions to help you deal with these deaths.

First of all like deaths of real people you must be allowed to express your grief. Don’t be afraid to cry over your favourite characters death, I know I have quite a few times. Let out your grief how ever you want to this could be drawing your favourite character or writing fanfiction or just throwing pillows at the floor. Don’t feel silly for crying because they’re a fictional character, if you related to them and even if you didn’t your feelings are justified.

Talk about your feelings whether you’re angry or upset or have another feeling over taking you. This could be via a blog, or a forum or just talking to your friends in person or online.

Remember that you won’t heal over night and this will take time but remember to practice good self care. Keep eating and looking after yourself because although you made be sad and not know what to do, you are a real person who needs to take care of themselves. You need to eat, sleep, shower and go to school or work or do daily things you need to do.

Maybe after you’ve dealt with their death you can watch the show or film again and enjoy your favourite character while they were alive and appreciate them in all their glory.


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How to write a book

First of all you need a really good idea for a book. It could be for a romantic book, or a fantasy book or for anything you want.

A book won’t write itself, it could take under 6 months to a couple of years. Everyone is different and writes at different speeds.

I look at writing prompts to help me think of different scenarios for the characters in my book which then helps me think of what my characters might do next in the current scene that I was writing.

Writing a book is hard, you get writers block or you suddenly get busy. Keep at it. Set yourself deadlines and goals to strive for and achieve.

Don’t feel down if you don’t get it done in 6 months or a year. Everything takes time.

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How to: make good quality milkshakes

The first thing you need to make a good quality milkshakes is to add 1 pint of ice cream, then to add 2/3 cups of whole milk but slowly so that the milkshake isn’t too thin. Then add ingredients that you want the milkshake to taste like such as; Nutella, Strawberries, Brownies, or banana.

Once all your ingredients are prepared and ready, place the ingredients into a blender and then blend them together. Then pour and serve the milkshake, you can use a cold glass from the freezer to keep the milkshake cool. You can make the milkshake fancier by adding whipped cream and dding toppings such as; chocolate shavings or any sauces that would compliment the milkshakes flavour.