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New Years Resolutions

  1. To take care of myself more, take time for breakfast, to paint my nails, to be able to take time to light a candle and read my book.
  2. Remember that self care is really important, don’t work yourself to the bone and forget to take time to look after yourself even if it’s to wash your hair and have a bubble bath.
  3. Remember that family is important and spend time with them while you can and anytime an opportunity arises.
  4. To swear less, it’s not needed and it puts people off. Especially when you move in with your granny, you won’t be able to swear there anyway.
  5. To spend time with friends but remember that it’s ok to say no too. Don’t focus on just making sure your friends are ok, remember that if you are sad or exhausted or ill that you are allowed to say no and meet up another day.
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August Bucket List

So I just found my bucket list from August last year so I thought I would right a new one for August this year.

Finish Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Go see Canterbury Cathedral

Read every week

Look after mental health better

Think of something positive every day

Exercise more (including walking)