The guy I want….

I want to watch movies with the one I love and have cuddles

Someone to cry into when I need to let everything out and someone to cry into when the dog in the films die because that is the saddest

I want someone to listen to my rants, someone to have detailed and philosophical conversations at 2 in the morning. Someone who will stay up just to continue talking to me. Someone who thinks it cute when I start fangirling. Someone who looks at me the way I look at my cats and food

Someone who will put up with me being insecure and reassure me they still like me even if it’s the 50th time he has to do it. Someone just really gets that some days I need to be alone and other days I will cling to them and not want to be alone. Someone who doesn’t get annoyed with me for being me.

Some one to sing karaoke with me even if they can’t sing. Someone who will put up with me singing all the time. Honestly it never ends.

Someone to watch the sunset with me and the sunrise. Someone who takes a picture of the sunset knowing I’ve missed it because they know how much I love sunsets.

And of course I’d do the same for them