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Dear My Future Self

To my Future Self,

Are you dating? I really hope you find someone worth your time who loves you. I really hope your happy with them.

Are you still working where I work now? Are you still learning new things and enjoying it. Are you being payed more?

Do you still live at your granny’s to save money ready to buy your own house? Have you collected a lot of money in your savings account?

Is your Five year plan still on track? Have you made any changes to it? Have you added anything new to the plan? Have you tried something new that I never thought I would?

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WorkPlace Stress

Stress at work is hard.

Work in general is stressful, every work is a little bit stressful but when the stress gets too much then that isn’t healthy.

You can get stressed at work for so many different reasons. This can be from not getting on with co-workers, having stressful work that you are doing, being treated unfairly due to your mental health or because of another reason, having to keep your mental health a secret from your colleagues or your boss, and also if you have taken time off work due to your mental health and you are due to go back to work.

To overcome workplace stress can be easy or hard depending on what is stressing you. If you have taken on too much work and that is stressing you out then some time off work may help you or even reducing your workload a little to become more manageable by talking to your boss. If you are being treated unfairly due to your mental health then this is discrimination and you can take action towards your employer to resolve this. You can do this by taking legal action, please get details from this website Mind.


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So you want to work in IT?

I am a Woman who works as a technician in a repair centre.

I repair photo printers, computers, servers,  receipt printers, projectors, opticians equipment etc. I don’t work in an IT department and i don’t work with software so unfortunately it won’t be much help to any of you who are interested in that side of things but if you have any questions I would be more than happy to try and help answer your questions.

I work in a very heavily male environment and apart from one person I am not treated any different because I am a woman or because I am younger. What you do learn is that once you become part of the team they all band together for one another. Although they may give you a bit of stick it’s banter and I absolutely give it back every time I can but if someone else from higher up or a stranger started on anyone else we would stick up for them, I know I would and I have seen them do it. If you’re stuck on how to repair something because you may not have seen that fault before or you’ve not worked on them for a long time, they are always happy to give advice or help in anyway they can but also in a way that it’s not done for you and you learn to do it yourself.

As a woman we find certain situations scary but please don’t let this stop you from pursuing a career in IT, we are just as good as men in IT but if we never go into these fields then how can little girls see women working in the industries they want.

IT can be anything, working in IT can mean anything. There are various jobs, Electrical Engineer, IT Technician, Someone who works in the IT department, Someone who repairs IT equipment, Someone who is heavily working on Software, Someone who is heavily working on Hardware, Someone who does programming and coding. There are so many different fields for anyone who has even an interest in IT or computers. Always research the kind of job you decide you like, I found myself asking my friends who work in various IT sectors for their advice and experience and that helped me decide on more hardware based work and eventually helped me decide to go for an apprenticeship.


The life of an apprentice

So I have finally finished my apprenticeship and I can say that luckily I have been taken on after a year apprenticeship to be in a proper job.

I can’t believe I made it to a year because honestly there were times when I didn’t want to continue working anywhere in general.

Where I did my years apprenticeship I was really nervous, where I started I was the only female engineer and it was intimidating at first.  However, the first thing I learnt about being the only female engineer was that no one cares. No cares if you’re female you’re just another engineer that can fix things, another pair of hands, another team member and it felt nice. As well as this everyone was happy to help if I needed it. Instead of being scared to ask for help I was encouraged and reminded that it was ok because I’m an apprentice and I’m not expected to know everything. It was also nice that everyone has each others backs and will back you up if you haven’t done anything wrong and always make sure that you cover yourself before you send out anything.

I struggled a lot with my mental health and as a result of that I found it hard working constantly at my apprenticeship, doing all the college work required and also having another job on the weekends. I ended up overwhelming myself and stopped eating and my mental health took a nose dive. I had my friends there for me and I reached out to them and felt much better for it. I found a great work to life ratio and this made me so much happier working.

An apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity. You get to experience working for real and you also get to learn about how to do the job you want to do. You get a qualification, experience and you also get paid. The wage isn’t great for an apprentice however you are learning and getting training and things for free instead of paying for university. I would recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone going into work that is heavily practical such as; Plumber, Electrician, IT technician, Engineering, Mechanic, and many other jobs.

I would suggest getting as much training as you can while you are an apprentice as if you don’t get taken on after your apprenticeship then you at least have lots of experience and valuable training.

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via Daily Prompt: Distant/ 

Do I seem distant to you? Why? Because I’m not the one who always messages you? Because I work 6 days a week and always ‘blow you off’. Or maybe it’s because I don’t want to go out drinking until super late when I have work the next day and you don’t have responsibilities.

Do I really seem distant to you? or am I just quiet because all you do is drown me in your problems without ever asking me about mine.

Am I distant or do you just not understand me.

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5 things not to ask me 30 minutes before I finish work

1. Could you just quickly do this job for me before we finish.

2. Don’t forget that report.

3. Only 30 minutes to go for you I get to leaves now.

4. we need your help downstairs it’ll only take roughly half an hour.

5. We’ve just found out we’ve got visitors you need to help tidy up everything right now.

(These are all things people have said to me when there is only half an hour left of the work day )